You may be looking into therapy because you are at your wits end with stress and anxiety or maybe you feel low and you're not sure why. Maybe you feel powerless and alone with your issues. Sometimes in life we reach a point where we need a helping hand to find our way out of our turmoil. If you need someone to really hear and respond to you in a non judgemental, unconditional and authentic way...I aim to provide just that. I believe that we all hold the power to influence change in ourselves and reach our inner potential. In my 6 years of experience, I have observed this change in many of the clients I have seen.

I'm a big believer in fostering a healthy and strong working relationship with my clients to help you feel secure in our time together. This type of security allows both of us work through what's going on for you and make sense of it all.

I am a person centred counsellor primarily but have also been trained in solution focused therapy. I have worked with clients from various walks of life with many different issues. To accommodate the unique nature of each person, I aim to provide a tailored approach that works for you. I have experience in variety of different settings including charity projects and within a college setting but have spent most of time working as a therapist and clinical team leader in an employee assistance program based in Glasgow.
I am a registered BACP member and work to their code of ethics