Katie McArthur

MA (Hons). Psychology & English Literature; PGDip Counselling; PhD Counselling; Cert Counselling Supervision


I aim to create a supportive relationship which helps you to understand yourself and the challenges you face, so that you can move towards greater wellbeing and a more fulfilling life. I can help with a wide range of issues, and my approach to counselling is tailored to each person taking into account your unique strengths and vulnerabilities, your own goals and values, and your preferred way of working. My starting point is person-centred counselling, a type of talking therapy which focuses on empowering people through genuine acceptance and understanding. In my practice, I also draw on a wide range of professional and personal interests.

I have been counselling since 2007 in various settings with adults and young people including a GP surgery, schools, universities, and private practice. I am an active researcher and writer on counselling theory and practice, and currently lecturing on the Psychology & Counselling BSc at Strathclyde University. My recent training includes Counselling Couples and Families with a Person-Centred Approach.