The RCS have commissioned West End Community Counselling to offer an additional provision to their core counselling service. Aimed at increasing accessibility for students who may not be able to attend counselling during the day, the service provides scope for students to attend from 5pm onwards on weekdays. This service will be provided by our counsellor Ross Paterson whom you can find out more information about by clicking here.

RCS students making use of this service will not pay any fee. The counselling service can be provided either at the RCS Renfrew Street campus (click here for details) or at the West End Community Counselling practice (click here for details).

If you are a student at RCS and would like to make use of this service, simply get in touch via the website by clicking here, via telephone on 07593757125 or via email All correspondence will be kept completely confidential. For administrative purposes please make reference to being a student at RCS at first point of contact.