"I have to firstly thank you. My sessions with you have changed my whole mindset. By being allowed to audibly voice my thoughts, you helped me identify the processes and lack of rational thinking I had become accustomed to; warped thinking had become my instinct and as a result it felt like a natural reaction. I still struggle sometimes, but when I take the time to remind myself that I don't deserve to feel bad, or be punished in a way, I am able to let go and move past the struggle in my mind. Family issues have not changed/ improved, but my ability to cope is completely different. I feel liberated. I have started sculpting again, and enjoying movies like I used to. It's like I had a black mist over my life for a few years and wasn't able to be myself, but I can now. I am in a loving relationship, and have got myself a new job - more money, more professional company and more prospects. All in all, more of what I deserve!"


"lf you told me in advance you how much my counselling sessions would have helped me, I never would have believed you. lt's not just the help, support and having someone to share things with, but it was the encouragement I received to help me to regain my confidence and self-esteem, which had been reduced to almost nothing. As the sessions progressed week on week, thanks to my counsellor's help I was able to not only find the strength to tackle the problems I had, but to go further and understand more about myself as a person. This is invaluable information that, in the hectic world in which we all inhabit, I might not have had a chance to discover had it not been for my counsellor. She also helped me to recognize what had happened to me in the first place, which was a painful process but one I needed to go through to start to recover. My counsellor has a wonderful, warm, caring manner that comes across down the phone line. I've told my counsellor that I felt like I was walking up and down a dark consider, desperately searching for a way out and not finding one. My counsellor was the person who opened the door into the corridor from the outside, shedding some light and encouraging me to find a way out of the darkness. I will always be so grateful to her and can't thank her enough."


"I found my counsellor to be of great support and very professional. She was everything what a counsellor should be and helped me unravel my emotions and make sense out of things. I have to say I was sceptical at first but my concerns where soon overcome. Please pass on my sincere thanks to my counsellor for her time, understanding and patience, she has put me on the road to a bright future"