"I have to firstly thank you. My sessions with you have changed my whole mindset. By being allowed to audibly voice my thoughts, you helped me identify the processes and lack of rational thinking I had become accustomed to; warped thinking had become my instinct and as a result it felt like a natural reaction. I still struggle sometimes, but when I take the time to remind myself that I don't deserve to feel bad, or be punished in a way, I am able to let go and move past the struggle in my mind. Family issues have not changed/ improved, but my ability to cope is completely different. I feel liberated. I have started sculpting again, and enjoying movies like I used to. It's like I had a black mist over my life for a few years and wasn't able to be myself, but I can now. I am in a loving relationship, and have got myself a new job - more money, more professional company and more prospects. All in all, more of what I deserve!"